05 May, 2016

Indonesian heroes series (001)

Great generals Sudirman

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Indonesia is a big country unique. Countries which always attracts the attention of the world. Why is the state of Indonesia attract? One is the history of the Indonesian revolution in achieving independence from the clutches of invaders, which the Indonesian struggle is an inspiration for other countries in Asia and Africa to also escape from the clutches of invaders. Heroic stories of the people of Indonesia and the heroes in the fight against the cruelty of the invaders into its own record in gold ink Indonesian struggle. One of the heroes who remains attached in the memories of the people of Indonesia is the Great General Sudirman.
Panglima perang pertama Indonesia
Sudirman was born on Sunday Pon Mulud month in the Javanese calendar or January 24, 1916. Place of birth in the village of Bodas Karangjati Purbalingga District of Rembang Regency Central Java province. Another version states Sudirman was born in Hamlet Rembang, Rembang Regency Village Purbalingga Bantarbarang District of Central Java. There are several versions about the date of birth of the Great General State of Indonesia, but recognized by the government of Indonesia is dated January 24, 1916 Sudirman was the son of the couple Karsid Kartawiraji with Siyem. Sudirman has a brother named Muhammad Samingan. Karsid Kartawiraji whose father died during the Sudirman 6 years old. Sudirman was adopted by his uncle, Raden Cokrosunaryo, which is an aristocracy (nobility). Sudirman know if he is the son of Raden Cokrosunaryo adoption at the age of 18 years.
Sudirman was raised in a family of gentry (nobility) are loaded with stories of heroic. Sudirman also taught about ethics, manners gentry (nobility Java). For religious education, Sudirman studied Islam under the guidance of Kyai Haji Qahar. Sudirman was the son of a religious and always on time in prayer. Sudirman believed to raise the Adhan and Iqama. When His age has reached school age, he enlisted in the native schools (Hollandsch Inlandsche School). Sudirman is a bright student in school. Sudirman had to change schools because of the colonial situation in restraint against indigenous life. Sudirman teachers are teachers who are nationalists, thus also influencing the assessment of the invaders. Sudirman Haji dubbed by her classmates because Sudirman is a religious student through his obedience in worship. Sudirman also famous religious besides deft, for participating in a student association members, members of the music in schools, drama clubs, and Sudirman also joined the football team.
Tokoh militer Indonesia
At the age of 19 years Sudirman became a teacher at the school practice Wirotomo. In 1936 Sudirman back to Cilacap to teach in an elementary school Muhammadiyah. In the same year, married with Alfiah Sudirman, a former schoolmate. After getting married Sudirman stayed in-law's house which is in Cilacap. Couple Sudirman and Alfiah got seven children, namely: Tidarwono Ahmad, Muhammad Teguh Bambang Tjahjadi, Taufik Effendi, Didi Praptiastuti, Sutjiati Didi, Didi Pudjiati and Titi Wahjuti Satyaningrum. Sudirman As a teacher has taught his students about the moral lessons using the example of the Prophet's life and the story of traditional puppets. Sudirman is fair and patient teacher, which mixes humor and nationalism in his studies, which makes Sudirman Popular among students. Sudirman although underpaid, still teach with vigor. Within a few years later Sudirman appointed head of the school. as principal, Sudirman perform various administrative tasks, as well as other school leaders Sudirman can provide the best solution if there are teachers who are at odds. Sudirman was a leader of the moderate and democratic .. Sudirman was also active as a member of the youth group Muhammadiyah. Sudirman known as a negotiator and mediator straightforward, seeks to solve the problems faced by the members. Sudirman was elected chairman of Muhammadiyah youth group from Banyumas subdistrict in 1937. Sudirman help establish Hizboel Wathan (scouting belonging to the organization Muhammadiyah) Cilacap branch and became leader Hizboel Wathan Cilacap branch. Sudirman task is to determine and plan activities within the group. Sudirman stressing military discipline to the older members, while the younger members Sudirman stressed the need for religious education. Sudirman insisted that the group Hizboel Wathan from cilacap should be able to attend conferences throughout Java.

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